Areas of expertise

Synthetic biology

Synthetic biology is a rapidly evolving and promising new branch of biological research. It looks into the creation of artificial (i.e. synthetic) biomolecules, complex bio-structures and even complete artificial organisms.

Synthetic biology applies principles of engineering to biological problems, in order to create or modify biological systems with specific new properties. This powerful technology with the potential to improve our quality of life has a broad spectrum of applications in vaccine development, optimization of drugs and renewable energy sources, among many others.

As well as benefits for the consumer and the providers, synthetic biology, like any other new technology, raises a number of questions regarding potential (biosafety) risks, such as unintended effects of synthetic organisms on the environment and human health.

The development of a regulatory framework that simultaneously promotes technological progress and addresses the safety requirements of consumers is currently under consideration.

We are committed to staying abreast of new governance rules regarding synthetic biology.

Although each technology has its own specificities, we are well placed thanks to our experience in the biosafety and biotechnology area, to help you addressing regulatory challenges in this emerging field.