Areas of expertise

Bio-based industry

The bio-based industry is strongly developing, driven by the need for the transition from an economy based on fossil resources to a bio-based economy that relies on renewable resources.

The sustainable production and conversion of biomass for food, health, fibre, industrial products and energy is made possible thanks to advanced technologies from life sciences and biotechnology.

Efficient policies and regulations stimulating the development of plant biotechnology (offering opportunities for the optimization of biomass as a feed-stock) and industrial biotechnology (with solutions for the conversion of biomass in value added end products) will largely contribute to the successful implementation of a bio-based economy.

When working on innovative bio-based products for food, feed, fuel or industrial material use you might wonder about the regulatory requirements to successfully enter the market.

We can help you addressing the scientific and regulatory challenges in a wide range of sectors.

You can benefit from our expertise and experience when assessing novel products and processes of biotechnology and when addressing issues related to safety requirements of your products.