Areas of expertise


Perseus’ services cover all aspects of biorisk management including the safe handling of biological materials during different stages of the product life-cycle (contained use, confined field trials, commercial release) and product distribution (transport, post-market monitoring).

We take into account biosafety as well as biosecurity aspects.

For each biological material (pathogens, cell lines, biological samples, genetically modified plants, animals and micro-organisms) we can propose adequate risk assessment approaches. Subsequently we can assist on the design or refurbishment of research and processing facilities, greenhouses or animal housing and on choosing the right equipment and tools to contain the biological agents that might cause harmful effects.

We can advise you on how to provide for an environment for your staff to work safely in a cost-effective manner.

The CEN Laboratory BioRisk Management Workshop Agreement is the international reference for setting up a management system dealing with biological risks in laboratories. Identifying (possible) problems, implementing appropriate actions to cope with them, monitoring and reviewing the system is key to improve performance and control of biorisks.

Even if an organization has not decided yet to implement the management system, our services are designed to allow a smooth integration with such system. In consequence, we can assist organizations on their way to implementation.

For some organizations, Perseus staff acts as external biosafety officer, assists the internal biosafety officer or serves as a member of the institutional biosafety committee. Depending on how an organization is structured, other staff may be responsible for health and safety of workers exposed to biological agents.

We believe that an integrated effort and fine-tuning of requirements is the only way to ensure that an optimal safety environment can be maintained.