Areas of expertise

GM products in food and feed

In many countries, the cultivation of GM crops as well as food and feed uses of GMOs is subject to strict regulations inspired by the precautionary principle.

It can be difficult to find a path through the extensive legal framework relating to the placing on the market of a GM food or feed.

It all starts with deciding whether or not your product falls within the scope of GMO specific legislation. It might seem obvious for food or feed products derived from GM plants or crops, but product specific regulations have also to be considered for applications related to enzymes, food additives and feed additives.

Finally, once the application for authorization, including all safety data, has been prepared; the specific traceability and labelling rules that apply for GM food and feed must be considered.

Through our scientific and regulatory expertise and experience we can efficiently guide you through all requirements for the authorization of biotechnology-derived products in a wide range of food and feed applications.

We offer you regulatory assessment and planning, risk assessment guidance and insights into labelling requirements according to the markets you operate in.