Who we are


For specific projects Perseus collaborates with other service providers that operate according a similar philosophy and customer orientation.

Our main partners are:

Agricultural BioTechnology Regulatory Network

The mission of this global network of experienced regulatory professionals is to help technology developers and marketing companies to meet the challenges of pre-market approvals for genetically engineered plants and plant products.

Working cooperatively, the ABTR Network serves the agricultural biotechnology industry from product conception through commercialization. It is a unique network offering academic groups, developing countries and start-up business the same quality and diversity of regulatory support that currently only large multi-national corporations have in place.

Dr. Rüdelsheim is one of the founders of the network.

website : www.abtrnetwork.com



Qarad offers assistance to manufacturers of medical devices, in particular of in vitro diagnostics, to achieve compliance with the European regulations and quality systems.

Its services include training, consulting, translations, mock conformity assessments and auditing of the manufacturer’s quality system against both the European Directives and ISO9001/ISO13485 quality system standards.

Qarad also acts as the Authorized Representative for medical device manufacturers who do not have a registered place of business in a European member state.

Furthermore, Qarad guides biotechnology companies in the implementation of quality systems for ISO17025 accreditation for test activities.

website: www.qarad.com