Who we are


PERSEUS bvba is a partnership of biosafety and regulatory experts from diverse fields of application.

Depending on the needs and expectations of the individual customer, we can provide the necessary expertise in biosafety, risk assessment, food policy, issue management, communication, etc.


Patrick Rüdelsheim

Partner, General Manager

Dr. Rüdelsheim obtained his PhD in biology at the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

In 1990, he joined Plant Genetic Systems N.V., Belgium where, after being in charge of Product Development and Registration, he was appointed Director Regulatory Affairs and Member of the PGS Board.

During subsequent mergers and acquisitions, he became Global Head Regulatory Affairs BioScience within respectively the AgrEvo group, Aventis CropScience and Bayer CropScience.

In 2003, he founded and became General Manager of Perseus BVBA.

Toon De Kesel

Associate Partner

Starting his career at Innogenetics NV, a pioneering Belgian biopharmaceutical company, Mr. De Kesel was until 2008, Corporate Manager Health, Safety and Environment, for the R&D and Biomanufacturing plants (vaccine production facilities). He then joined DNV Biorisk NV as Principal Consultant Biorisk, specialising in (bio)risk assessment associated with biological systems in BSL-2 and BSL-3 containment, and in particular studies relating to laboratory biosafety and biosecurity measures. Subsequently he moved to Bayer Cropscience (Ghent, Belgium) as Head of Biological Material Movement & Biosafety International Compliance Manager as well as the Environmental Safety Manager for the Belgian Bayer Cropscience sites in Belgium.

He has extensive hands-on expertise in technical issues such as risk analysis methodologies, job hazard analysis, work practices, personal protection, disinfection, waste management, emergency procedures, training of personnel, etc. His expertise is further exemplified by his contribution to the establishment of the ISO35001:2019 “Biorisk management for laboratories and other related organisations”.

Since March 2016, Toon De Kesel strengthens the Perseus team as Associate Partner. Furthermore, he provides complementary services in matters of prevention and environmental coordination through Febris Biorisk Consult bvba.

Greet Smets

Biosafety and Regulatory Specialist

Dr.Ir. Smets obtained her PhD in agronomy at KU Leuven, Belgium.

She has been working in plant biotech research at Advanta Seeds B.V. (former D.J. van der Have B.V.) for 15 years, where -in addition to her research projects- she was in charge of biosafety management for the biotechnology department.

In 2003 she became responsible for Regulatory Affairs at CropDesign NV, Gent, a leading plant biotechnology company.

Dr.Ir. Smets joined Perseus BVBA in 2005 as Biosafety and Regulatory Specialist.

Karen van der Meulen

Biosafety and Regulatory Specialist

Dr. DVM van der Meulen obtained her PhD in veterinary sciences at Ghent University, Belgium.

Working for over 15 years in veterinary research, she has gained a broad experience in the biomedical field as a scientist at Ghent University and as animal facility manager / project manager for the development of human therapeutics at Devgen, Ghent.

Throughout her career, she has been closely involved in the biosafety management of research laboratories and, in particular, of animal facilities up to containment level 3. As such, she gained a strong expertise in animal facility design, animal biosafety and regulation related to animal health and welfare, genetically modified animals, animal-associated pathogens, endangered species, development of human and veterinary medicines, and treatment of animal by-products and manure. She is an active member of the Belgian Biosafety Professionals (BBP) and of the International Veterinary Biosafety Workgroup (IVBW).

Dr. van der Meulen joined Perseus BVBA in Januari 2015 as Senior Biosafety and Regulatory Specialist. Given her vast experience, she is the lead for projects managing biosafety in containment laboratory and animal facilities. Furthermore, she also is an expert on regulatory aspects of  clinical trials with advanced therapy medicinal products.

Walter Kempenaers

Perseus Associate

Dr Kempenaers obtained his PhD in biology in the Molecular Biology Lab. of Prof. Fiers at Ghent University, Belgium.

He also holds a Master in Industrial Management degree from the KU Leuven, Belgium. After starting as a scientific collaborator in applied microbiology at S.A. CITRIQUE BELGE N.V., he was appointed Microbiological Development Manager in the department “Quality and Development” and subsequently in the Production/Fermentation department.

Since January 2005, he is the Biosafety Officer of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Dr. Kempenaers joined as a Perseus Associate in July 2006. He is a first class resource for any aspect of contained use of micro-organisms, from laboratory to industrial scale production. His real-life experience guarantees practical solutions for complex regulatory requirements.

Pascale Van Rooij

Biosafety and Regulatory Specialist

Dr. Van Rooij is trained in Biology and holds a PhD in Veterinary Sciences, providing an extensive experience in medical microbiology.

She started her career at Sciensano as a scientific attaché and subsequently as curator of the BCCM/IHEM culture collection of biomedical yeasts and fungi. As research assistant at UGent she focused on amphibian in vitro-modelling.

She joined Perseus BVBA in December 2017. While covering all aspects of biorisk management, she has specifically explored the implications of the Biobank legislation and Biocide regulation. Furthermore, she is also an environmental coordinator type A and her thesis won the 2019 price by the professional association of environmental coordinators (VMx).

Nicolas De Schrijver

Biosafety and Regulatory Specialist

Mr. De Schrijver graduated as Master Agronomic Engineer of the KULeuven, Belgium.

Initially he was active in the registration of biocides at Edialux/Formulex; Pest Control Consults and ES/SCI. He then moved to regulatory aspects of biotechnology, in particular trials and commercial releases of genetically modified crops, at Bayer BioScience, initially as European regulatory Affairs Manager and subsequently as Global Regulatory Affairs Manager. During almost 20 years he witnessed the increasing complexity starting from local activities towards dealing simultaneously with different projects (crops, maturity phases, collaborations) at European and global level.

He joined Perseus BVBA in March 2019, supporting primarily the more complex regulatory submissions.