Who we are


Established in 2003, PERSEUS bvba is a partnership.



Introducing our biosafety and regulatory experts from diverse fields of application.



For specific projects Perseus collaborates with other service providers that operate according a similar philosophy and customer orientation.



Perseus is actively involved in organizations that promote biosafety practices and research.


Job offers

We are searching for …

Biosafety Platform & Innovation Manager

We are building a digital platform that will optimise internal operations and significantly strengthen services. To maintain and expand that innovative drive and customer focus, we are looking for a Biosafety Platform & Innovation Manager. This person works on strategic issues related to the (further) digitisation of services and is able to identify opportunities in the market and contribute to the development of new proposals and applications.

Biosafety Platform & Innovation Manager

Biosafety and Regulatory Specialist

Our biosafety and regulatory specialists guide our clients in working safely with pathogens and/or genetically modified organisms. This requires an in depth understanding of infrastructural features, safety-essential equipment as well as key procedures. Furthermore, our specialists have a thorough understanding of a broad range of legal requirements and know how to apply them to ensure full compliance of our clients with relevant regulation.

Biosafety and regulatory Specialist