Who we are


Perseus is actively involved in organizations that promote biosafety practices and research.

International Society for Biosafety Research (ISBR)

The ISBR aims to promote scientifically sound biosafety research by improving communication among scientists who study plants, animals, and microbes with new characteristics due to altered DNA and produced using modern biotechnology.

Anyone interested in interactions between GMOs and the environment should check the activities of this society and join the biennial conferences!

website : isbr.info

International Veterinary Biosafety Workgroup (IVBW)

Veterinary high containment facilities share a similar mandate in countries around the world and face some unique challenges. They are never designed “off the shelf” and usually provide 24/7/365 emergency response for outbreaks of transboundary diseases. Within the national veterinary infrastructure they are among the most expensive facilities to maintain. Duty holders from veterinary high containment facilities, vaccine production facilities, and select few human level 4 containment facilities join forces in the IVBW. They exchange design solutions, protocols for the safe operation, and improvements for the biosafety of the facilities.

website: ivbw.camp9.org/

European BioSafety Association (EBSA)

EBSA is committed to enhancing the knowledge and understanding of biological safety issues throughout Europe and the world. It strives to establish and communicate best practices amongst its members and to encourage dialogue and discussions on developing issues.

EBSA seeks to influence and support emerging legislation and standards in the areas of biological safety, biotechnology, transport or associated activities and acts as a focal point for the consolidation of views on these issues.

EBSA strives to represent the interests of its members in all areas relating to biosafety, with the objective of ensuring the prevention of harm to man and the environment from biological substances or materials.

website : www.ebsaweb.eu

Belgian Biosafety Professionals (BBP)

The Belgian Biosafety Professionals (BPP) is the Belgian section of EBSA and provides a forum for biosafety professionals to exchange experience, developments and issues in biosafety practices and regulation in a Belgian context.

website : www.ebsaweb.eu/bbp.html

European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB)

The European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) was established by European scientists in 1978.

The objective of EFB is to promote safe and ethically acceptable biotechnology for the better use of Nature’s resources. EFB wishes to expand collaborations between academic and industrial researchers throughout Europe to increase competencies, strengthen education, promote innovation and increase the benefits of biotechnological research to society at large.

The objective of the EFB Task Group on Safety in Biotechnology is to help maintain the excellent safety record of biotechnological operations through its activities and by creating an information network through its members and members from other organizations.

website : www.efb-central.org

Perseus is also member of Bio.be and FlandersBio.

websites : www.essenscia.be/en/bio.be and flandersbio.be