We enable organisations realizing the potential of biologicals by implementing biorisk management and complying with legal obligations in an efficient and affordable way


Biotechnology in Europe

Are you looking for an expert in biotechnology who is familiar with the legislation and regulations in Europe? Then Perseus is your partner. Our company, located in Sint-Martens-Latem, close to Ghent, specializes in giving advice and support to companies that are working in the biotechnology industry. Read on and find what we have on offer.

Biosafety management and biotechnology regulatory challenges in Europe

When working in biotechnology, for example with pathogens, infectious substances or GMOs, there are some matters that you should keep in mind. Those include safety for staff and the environment, proper containment infrastructure, the necessary work procedures, the correct permits. You would like to comply with them in a cost-effective way. While doing so, in this ever-complicating world of rules and legislation, one hardly has time to do the real work. As experts in biotechnology in Europe, we can provide you with all the necessary assistance.

Leave it to the experts

Building on our biosafety expertise and experience, we offer strategic regulatory support in the extended field of biotechnology in Europe. Just like the mythological hero Perseus, who could master the terrifying Medusa using the right protection, we can guide you through the labyrinth of laws, regulations and specific standards to facilitate your product regulatory authorization and to work safely and in compliance. On top of that we also have many other areas of expertise. Are you looking for a partnership with our company for assistance regarding biotechnology in Europe? Look at our services and get in touch!