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If you are experimenting with a GMO, safety is very important. Perseus, in Sint-Martens-Latem, near Ghent, takes care of all the necessary precautions and documents to make sure that everything is as safe as possible. Read on and find out exactly what our biotechnology consulting company can do for you.


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We cover all the aspects surrounding GMO safety

Our company can help with all sorts of aspects regarding the safety of your GMO. Firstly, we perform a risk assessment and take care of the risk management. Secondly, we assist you in designing research and processing facilities. This way, the potential negative effects of your GM medicine, GM plant or other product can be controlled. We can also make sure that your staff is working in a safe environment. In some organizations, we act as biosafety officers, assistant biosafety officers or as a member of the biosafety committee to ensure maximum safety regarding the production of your GMO.

Make use of our versatility

As a biotechnology consultant, we have much more to offer than to just provide GMO safety. For example, we can also keep you updated about all the current regulations and legislations and communicate with authorities. Moreover, we can advise you about transport regulations, prepare emergency plans and provide research and reports. Contact us by filling in the contact form or by calling us on +32-9-3210705.

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