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Does your company specialize in the production of GM plants? Then are you aware of all the safety measures, precautions and regulations that come with it? Perseus in Sint-Martens-Latem, near Ghent, can assist you in many ways to make sure that everything within your company goes to plan.


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GM plants in a safe environment

The first thing that comes to mind with experimenting on GM plants or other products is the general safety in the company. Perseus ensures safety within your company in numerous ways. We perform risk assessment and manage the risks and we also monitor your GM product post-marketing. On top of that, we can also give advice on how to make your facilities as safe as possible to prevent potential harmful effects. Apart from providing a safe environment, our service also entails many other areas of expertise. The use of GM plants is still quite controversial for the public. We help in making your product more accessible by making a clear communication plan. We also offer training courses and help you with necessary research.

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Whatever kind of assistance you need regarding the production of GM plants, our biotechnology consultancy firm will happily help you out. Are you in need of a safety officer, or could you use some advice about a current GMO legislation? Contact us by calling +32-9-3210705 or fill in the contact form.

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